MVP landing pages + click tracking + market surveys

way to find out if there's a viable market for your product

  • Quick: Launch an
    in minutes
  • Easy: Step-by-step tips guide you
  • Informative: Measure clicks, collect sign ups, and more

How it works

Use our template or embed TurnMVP on your own web page

  1. Build an MVP in record time

    Start with our MVP Landing Page template (see an example) —OR— Add a few lines of code to your own web page to track clicks and collect sign ups.

  2. Measure market interest

    Learn about your market, collect email addresses, or ask them why they didn't sign up with embedded surveys.

  3. Learn if it's worth building the real thing

    Track clicks, check your conversion rate, and analyze market feedback — learn how to build a product people want.

TurnMVP MVP landing pages + click tracking + market surveys
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